by Paul Andersen

Various Artists
The Disco Box

      Well, you knew at some point disco would cease being fodder for K-Tel TV collections and become the subject of a serious look back, at least as serious as could be considering what it is. Actually, it took longer than I figured, but the fact itís the good folks at Rhino who have lovingly put together this weighty 80-track, 4-CD collection seems a natural, given their predilection for things absurd.
     Actually, though, there is nothing absurd about it. As someone who lived through it while trying to not be affected by it, I have found while listening to this set that I have nothing but good memories engendered by a good portion of the songs here. This set, with it's avocado, orange and magenta type set against a 3-D background, will surely be a must have for those who have even the faintest inkling of a need for a Saturday Night Fever fix.
     Which brings me to the only downside this set has. Rhino did a great job of collecting and cross-licensing virtually every major and minor milestones of the era, but there is a gaping hole left by the fact that the brothers Gibb are nowhere to be found. It kinda leaves a pang in your heart.
      A "Celebration?" Yes. But there's more to "Stayin' Alive" than just mere "Boogie Nights." But regardless, it's all just one big "Funkytown."

óPaul Andersen